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Transmission dating 13/08/14

Junior Loves - Ignacio’s Daydream
Junior Loves - Husk Discarnate (Forthcoming 1080p)
Junior Loves - Sylvio (Forthcoming 1080p)
Scientific Dreamz of U & Junior Loves - Wings of the Kestrel {Passion Mix} - (Forthcoming Creme Organization/Berceuse Heroique)
Scientific Dreamz of U - Nu Dreamz of the Flesh
Scientific Dreamz of U - Holographic Romance 
Junior Loves - Conclusion {Ignacio’s Solution}
Junior Loves - Rapsong

Originally broadcast on NTS radio 15/08/14

More passionate NRG’z from the carbon fibre creamweaver…

Essential wisdoms.

The time has once again arrived for us to convene, share NRGies and take higher than our corporeal shells care to permit.

Ethereal antennae of pure kundalini extend from all Chakras (once caringly aligned by the shared audio waves), allowing the dissolution of ego and highly efficient transmission of data and emotion via tantric-grid network.

<3 Listen, learn, love <3

Very mysterious…