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More passionate NRG’z from the carbon fibre creamweaver…

Essential wisdoms.

The time has once again arrived for us to convene, share NRGies and take higher than our corporeal shells care to permit.

Ethereal antennae of pure kundalini extend from all Chakras (once caringly aligned by the shared audio waves), allowing the dissolution of ego and highly efficient transmission of data and emotion via tantric-grid network.

<3 Listen, learn, love <3

Very mysterious…

As a dimension which is analogous to the spatial planes which we navigate each day, ‘time’ too is subject to dilation, contraction and importantly ‘crystallization’.

Via the careful focusing of sublime energies we may reduce the entropic content of localised ‘time bubbles’, reducing degrees of temporal freedom and taming chaotic phase-space oscillations of the system.

In extreme cases where the above methods have been applied expertly and meticulously, one may observe their surrounding take on a glassy, hyperfine appearance and experience light assuming the form of liquid stalactites, the long hypothesized ‘photonic crystals’ which contain the highest information densities observed in Nature.

Recent research by clandestine Solid State Intelligence research groups combining the ‘Density Functional Theories’ of modern Physics with esoteric Kabbalistic knowledge gleaned from studies of the Sephiroth and Tetragrammatron have revealed promising insights into using concentrated crystallites of reduced-entropy time to facilitate events of collective spiritual unity and ascension.

Allowing the crystallites to rapidly decompress induces a phase-locking of quantum wavefunctions in nearby matter; inducing in those around it a state of perfect one-ness and unity and creating a proverbial ‘Empathy Sphere’ surrounding the crystal.

As the research matures and these devices move out of the laboratory we can expect to see the frequency and proficiency of their use proliferating, an exciting and vital step in the spiritual growth of humankind.